Police complete iPhone, iPad rollout in Wellington

More than 6000 police officers to receive iPhones in the next two months

Police have completed rolling out iPhones and iPads to frontline staff in the Wellington district.

More than 6000 police officers will receive iPhones and 3900 of them iPads in a phased national rollout over the next two months.

Last month more than 400 "champions" across all police districts received their devices.

"We have carefully planned for the increase in scaling, based on the forecast number of mobile device users, and have increased our infrastructure to deal with this," says inspector Simon Feltham, mobility workstream lead. "We are closely monitoring this activity as the rollout progresses."

The cost of the rollout is $4.3 million. Over the next decade, police will spend $159 million in operating expenditure to fund the initiative.

Productivity benefits of $305 million are projected. Vodafone is providing the mobile connections.

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How much confidential information can be accessed if a criminal gets a hold of one of these devices, which are not exactly celebrated for their high security.

iOS 6 for example, shipped with a bug that allowed an attacker to bypass the lock screen and decrypt the contents simply by pressing the power button repeatedly.

It's disturbing to me that the police would sell out our privacy for a "projected" 300 million in "productivity gains".



"Productivity benefits of $305 million are projected."

The entire Government Cloud Programme projected $110 million in productivity across 75 agencies.

I say the PR Police spin doctor has had one to many gins...

Cloudy computing


Excellent strategy by the Police. Now the crims will come to them instead.



I think this story reflects NZ's approach to IT in general. Buy some technology and expect productivity gains. If the story was about mobile access to crime fighting technology then it would be plausible. Maybe it is but this isn't apparent in the story.

One issue I see is coverage for a start, both rural & up cities.

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