Dotcom extradition hearing delayed until 2013

The extradition hearing in the Megaupload case has been postponed until March 2013 to allow pre-hearing arguments to run through courts

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has had his extradition hearing postponed until March next year.

The hearing, which was due to take place on August 6, has been pushed back until March 2013, a spokeswoman for his New Zealand lawyer Paul Davison said today.

The reason for the delay is to give time for pre-hearing arguments over disclosure to run their course through the courts.

At Dotcom's last court appearance earlier this month, Davison argued his client was entitled to see the evidence U.S. authorities had against him.

But Crown lawyers representing the US government said there was no need for Dotcom to see the information because he is not being tried in New Zealand.

Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing website Megaupload, is facing extradition to the U.S. to answer copyright infringement charges.

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delays? who really benefits? no doubt the lawyers have smelled out a "mega-dollar" windfall and will be spinning this one out - so how much is the tax-payer going to shell out by the time it's over? I have nothing against, too bad his mere presence in NZ is now going to cost us all - and the idiots behind the fiasco will continue to avoid personal liability - hooray for the bottomless trough that is the public purse...!!!

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