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  • Facebook's Telecom Infra Project is a year old

    Facebook's Telecom Infra Project is already pulling in a significant proportion of the world's telecommunications industry, just a year after it launched with the goal of dramatically cutting the cost of building networks needed to get the next billion users online.

  • Businesses urged to insure against cyber risk

    Delta Insurance, which claims to be the only NZ owned specialist liability underwriting agency, is ramping up its credentials in the cyber risk insurance market, releasing a white paper on technology liability and saying cyber security threats are likely to be the key issue facing the industry.

  • Spark bundles Netflix with broadband plans

    Spark is offering a 12 month standard Netflix subscription to customers who sign up for a 24 month unlimited data Spark broadband plan, saying the move is the latest in its transition from telco to media and entertainment company.

  • UN steps in to end marketing war over what 5G means

    With mobile operators' marketing departments already throwing around claims about their 5G services, the United Nations is weighing in with its definition of what qualifies a network as next-generation.

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